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Recycle your worn out sneakers:
Nike has a program called Reuse-A-Shoe. They collect worn out athletic shoes, grind them up and ship them off to be used in surfacing athletic courts and playgrounds in under served communities. It takes about 2500 pairs of shoes to build a tennis court or basketball court. All brands are welcome.

Junk Mail:
This service is free and freeing. Just send a card with your name, address and signature to: Mail Preference Service DMA Box 643 Carmel, NY 10512
Recycle Old Cell Phones, Computers, Electronics:
Go to—
Call 1-877-2-RECYCLE or 311(in NYC)

Batteries, Paint and questionable trash:

To donate fur to be used by wildlife rehabilitators
call the Humane Society - 301.258.3109 or Peta- 800.FUR.AWAY.

All of the above information comes from magazines I read and emails I receive. If you have any comments or additions please email me at
Anything we can do to recycle, reuse and give back is always worth the effort.
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